Alana started Carr Manor nursery in sept 2015 at 2.5 years old. We attended the Children’s Centre when Alana was little and have always enjoyed the classes and made some lovely friends. When it came to Alana starting Nursery, we looked at so many but fell in love with Carr Manor and what it had to offer. The outside space was a major plus and indoors is extremely spacious and set to a very high standard. The staff are warm, friendly, caring and it felt like ‘one big family’! For this reason we felt confident Alana would be treated like one of their own. Having a home visit was very appealing too, particularly liked the idea of Alana meeting her keyworker on home ground. We have loved watching Alana shine at nursery and how the staff have helped nurture her individuality.
Over the past year, Alana has had the most amazing time and developed into a confident and sociable 3 year old who’s transition to preschool has been fantastic.
Her little sister, Chloe has just recently started nursery, she’s grown to know most of the staff and not unfamiliar to the environment. It was nice having a few familiar faces on her first day. I am looking forward to hearing all about Chloe’s adventures at nursery and confident she will shine too.

As a mother I’ve made relationships with the nursery staff and other parents so in the summer of 2016 I decided to apply for a childcare assistants position in the new baby room [ baby nest] I was delighted to of been offered a position, it’s such a beautiful job with amazing rewards.

Thank you Carr Manor Children’s Centre

Lisa, Alana Jessica and Chloe Jayne Thorne x